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With so many people in the team, Annie Liu is not afraid of making a horror film
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Annie Liu and Shawn Yue will spend Christmas at work
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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Shawn Yue Man Lok yesterday attended a Starbucks Christmas event in Tsim Sha Tsui. Annie said that this Christmas she will have to work, but perhaps before or after Christmas she and her co-workers will hold a Christmas party and exchange gifts. She said that last year some co-workers only brought sponsored gifts so this year a limit was set for gifts to be between HK$ 300 to 500. She hoped that everyone would put some sincerity and thought into them. Annie revealed that she will work on a Carrie Ng Ka Lai directed horror film. Earlier Annie has already performed in the Nick Cheung Ka Fai directed horror film. She said that this time she would also play a ghost. She said, "Actually I don't have to imagine the horror too badly, this time I will work with BabyJohn." Annie said that she learned that the film will shoot on location in a funeral parlor. Would she be scared? She said, "I would be, but I won't let myself think too much. When I go to the bathroom I would get a co-worker to go with me." She said that this time she would have rather grotesque looks,which she too looked forward to. The more grotesque she would be the more she liked it.

Yue Man Lok said that he will work on a new film that a new director borrowed money from the government to make. Due to the limited funding, he and other actors will not take a salary. He said, "I have been in this business for over a decade. I am not taking money for the first time because the script truly is great. It is a story about mental illness. Actually earlier an actor didn't dare to accept it as he was affect of being affected." Will his character be difficult? He said that his character had depression, which he would play without any fear. He said, "After reading the script I realize that I am pretty similar to the character's symptoms. I always feel actors would have mental illness, which is an occupational disease." Will he visit a doctor first? He said, "Actually I don't get to be afraid, I already expect to have mental illness symptoms. The director says that I am still young and can be treated." As for interest in film investment, Lok Jai said that he would save that for elders like Louis Koo Tin Lok. He was more suitable for employment.

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