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Andy Lau is the surprise guest award presenter in Malaysia.  According to Malaysian media, he even secretly brings his wife and daughter to the event.  Last night only Wa Jai returned to Hong Kong.

Wa Jai personally goes to Malaysia to present awards to Law Lan and Lau Kong, which made them very happy and touched
Tavia Yeung and Law Chung Him return to Hong Kong on the same flight but deliberately exit through different gates.  Law Chung Him denies that he proposed as career comes first, while Tavia Yeung says that she needs her parents' approval to wed.  She will tell everyone when she does
Roger Kwok wins the Malaysia Best Actor for the third time, however he is only 50% confident about the TVB Anniversary Award
Charmaine Sheh won Best Actress in Singapore and Malaysia, her chances should be rather high.
Roger Kwok and Charmaine Sheh
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Andy Lau Tak Wa two nights ago appeared in Malaysia to attend the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014. Wa Jai was a guest presenter as he presented "Starlight Achievement Awards" to Lau Kong and Helena Law Lan to thunderous applause from the audience.

The trio later spoke with Cable Entertainment. Wa Jai said that the event earlier contacted him in hopes that he would record a video. Yet he felt if he personally appeared, he and they would be happier. In addition he has not seen them in a long time, he also wanted to see them through this occasion. Sister Law Lan said that she felt very moved to see Wa Jai. She was even happier than when she won Best Actress because she knew Wa Jai was very busy. She remembered that she worked with Wa Jai on a Qing Dynasty series. She played Wa Jai's wet nurse. Wa Jai grabbed her hand as he acted, his emotions were very real and his interpretation was different from others.

Lau Kong said that when he saw Wa Jai he was so moved that he wanted to cry. In the audience he saw Wa Jai talking about their past collaboration, and he was reminded how quickly 30 years have passed. Wa Jai felt that Sister Law Lan and Master Lau both were people who lived in the present. He pointed out that every era had different people, they would rise and fall. Every era's culture was worth learning about. Lau Kong even praised Wa Jai for putting in a lot of hard work for his success, he wanted to do the best in everything and was very worthy of learning from. Sister Law Lan said that 3 years ago she was Wa Jai's concert guest and saw Wa Jai's pursuit to be the best. The host asked Wa Jai if he would return to TVB for a series. Wa Jai said, "If it will include them two then it will be more likely, I can even take a pay cut." Lau Kong joked, "But I am thinking about quitting!" Wa Jai joked, "If I will make it, I will guarantee you 8 hours of sleep everyday." In addition, Charmaines Sheh Si Man and Roger Kwok Chun On won Best Actress and Best Actor with LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH) and BLACK HEART WHITE SOUL (JUNG GAN YUN).

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