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Two days ago Gong Li leaves Taiwan with a smile, then her manager issues a statement
Chen Shiang-Chyi wins by one vote
Gong Li fans blast Joan Chen
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Gong Li is upset about "falling off" the Golden Horse, blasting the event as unprofessional and unfair
Chen Shiang-Chyi's surprise Golden Horse Best Actress award leads to trouble

Shu Kei on facebook calls Gong Li shortsighted
Shu Kei
Stephen Fung, Joan Chen, Aaron Kwok all voted for Gong Li, but she still lost.  Joan Chen was wrongly accused of blackballing Gong Li.  The ancient dispute rumors claimed that A SOUL HAUNTED BY A PAINTING originally wanted Joan Chen but gave the opportunity to Gong Li, and Chen's RED ROSE, WHITE ROSE Golden Horse Best Actress winning role originally was Gong Li's.
Gong Li's COMING HOME character is highly difficult.  The jury says that hers is the textbook perfect acting.
Chen Shiang-Chyi's EXIT performance is reserved and detailed, displaying a hard to grasp aura
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This year's Golden Horse Award has come to an end. The pre race favorite Gong Li was unable to become the Golden Horse Best Actress with the film COMING HOME. She even lost to Taiwan actress Chen Shiang-Chyi by one vote. Gong Li's manager yesterday not only called this award unprofessional but also said that she will never attend again.

Before the race Gong Li was full of confidence. Originally the sponsors arranged for a celebration, but it was cancelled at the last minute that night. Many Gong Li fans were upset for their idols and blasted jury president Joan Chen on Weibo. When Gong Li left Taiwan earlier she was still smiling and said that she will come to Taiwan again. Yet yesterday her manager issued a statement on her behalf, she was obviously upset at the loss.

Gong Li's statement said, "For my trip to this Golden Horse Award, I give special thanks to the Golden Horse Award to giving me this opportunity for me to understand what an unprofessional film festival is like. It is also an unfair film festival, all artists will look down upon them."

Gong Li continued, she really liked Taiwan. However she will not attend this amateur film festival again; she also said that this was her first trip to the Golden Horse Award and it was also her last trip to the Golden Horse Award. Her manager said that Gong Li has always been direct with her words. This comment targeted the result and not the Best Actress award.

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