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Chow Yun Fat gets a kiss from the "Queen" Angela Wang.  Would her on screen father Nick Cheung be jealous?
Wong Jing (second left), Chow Yun Fat, Angela Wang, Andrew Lau and Nick Cheung
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Chow Yun Fat, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Angela Wang Shiling yesterday attended the film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WONG 2) press conference in Beijing. In the trailer Fat Gor and Cheung Ka Fai, Shawn Yue Man Lok all held their own in chases and explosions. In one scene Cheung Ka Fai viciously "hit" Fat Gor once. Cheung Ka Fai revealed that "hitting" fat Gor was actually Fat Gor's own idea. "This scene wasn't originally in the script, but he forced me to 'hit' him. He even grabbed my hand to 'hit' him on his head. He just got me killed. Because so many people like him, as soon as I 'hit' him, I may become 'public enemy'!"

Cheung Ka Fai praised Fat Gor and recalled when he first started in the business. "Once Master (Danny) Lee Sau Yin and Chow Yun Fat worked on THE KILLER (DIP HUET SEUNG HUNG). I went to visit the set, in the end I neglected Brother Sau and kept staring at Fat Gor. This collaboration is almost like a beautiful dream." Fat Gor said, "I actually am very envious of Cheung Ka Fai because I might have to make 7 films to be able to win a Best Actor. Yet he made one film he won 7 Best Actors. I am really dying of envy!"

Cheung Ka Fai and Wang Shiling played "LOST IN THAILAND Father and Daughter". Wang Shiling was asked if she liked this father. She bashfully answered, "I like both real papa and fake papa." Fat Gor said that Wang Shiling was this film's "goddess" and "queen". "Everyone on the set like her. Everyday in the afternoon she had to nap. So I just sat and waited for her to wake up to continue the shoot." Fat Gor in the film even challenged Andy Lau Tak Wa's classic song CHINESE, which Cheung Ka Fai made fun of "singing like (Jacky) Cheung Hok Yau". Fat Gor even sang live and performed his "trilling" ability. Cheung Ka Fai praised his singing as great.

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