Sunday, August 1, 2021


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Endy Chow takes a selfie with the crowd at his Ocean Park concert

Endy Chow wins the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild Best Actor with ONE SECOND CHAMPION.  He would like to see a sequel.
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Endy Chow Kwok Yin last night held a BETTER LIVE concert at a theme park, performing again after two years. He described that after his leg injury two years ago, he had a minor surgery and physical therapy and rested for a year. He was starting anew and thus named the concert Better Live. He hoped that the pandemic would pass soon. Was he disappointed that his originally scheduled end of 2020 Hong Kong Coliseum concert was cancelled? He said that looking back it might have been a good thing, perhaps Heaven felt that he was not ready. Now he still continue to apply for the Hong Kong Coliseum, but it probably would not happen this year.  

As for becoming Best Actor with the film ONE SECOND CHAMPION (YUT MIU KUEN WONG), Endy said that he came from music and felt that film awards were very distant from him. Such a grand prize in particular caught him a little off guard. So far after winning he still felt like he had no idea about what happened. He was still learning in film, from now on he would not give up on music. He will continue to study film. Later he will also release new songs and promote for his new film.

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