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The Benny Chan Muk Sing directed film RAGING FIRE (NO FOR) has already opened in Hong Kong and made over HK$ 10 million; in the Mainland it has been the box office champion for 27 days straight (as of the 26th) as its latest box office broke 1 billion yuan RMB. At the same time it received recognition from more international film festivals as RAGING FIRE was selected for the L'Etrange Festival and the Zurich Film Festival. Ting Fung saw RAGING FIRE as the film he was the most pleased with in recent years. He summed up, "I believe, Director Benny and I have no regret!"

Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung led their followers to a heavy gun fight, car crash into stores on Peking Road and Canton Road in RAGING FIRE. The team blocked off the streets for production early in the morning. Ting Fung had a lot of experience in handling explosive scenes, but the crew did not dare to hesitate. Ting Fung and the cinematographer who were the closest the explosion point all had dangers of being burn. To ensure safety, the team repeatedly tested and calculated precisely. Ting Fung said, "On the day of the shoot, behind me was a very large gas bomb. After I tossed the grenade it would explode. Of course each time I would rely on experience. I didn't know where it would explode, or what response the explosion would cause. I only knew that I had to keep my appearance flawless. When I tossed it I only remembered it was very hot, like being toasted it should be a little burnt. Luckily Brother Chi Tan was very pleased with the result." Ting Fung pointed out that each time before the explosion production the team would require several hours. After the explosion the team would have to clean up for several hours. Luckily this time the shoot was completed in just one take.

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