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Nicholas Tse says that while shooting RAGING FIRE, he and other GEN-X COPS stars met with Benny Chan and asked him to make a sequel.

RAGING FIRE is Hong Kong style action for Nicholas Tse

The most memorable scene for Nicholas Tse was his fight scene with Donnie Yen, which took 10 days to shoot

Nicholas Tse's look in RAGING FIRE has been compared to Michael Jackson's
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In director Benny Chan Muk Sing's final film RAGING FIRE (NO FOR), Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Donnie Yen Chi Tan had a series of hard hitting fights. They not only fought but also tortured each other. Tse Ting Fung was willing to risk his life in dangerous stunts, completely because of his trust in the late director Chan Muk Sing. Ting Fung was very sentimental about the passing of this benefactor, from which he learned to cherish everyday.

Ting Fung in RAGING FIRE not only had a lot of punching and kicking but also weapon fights. Action director and star Yen Chi Tan was also very demanding with each action. Ting Fung pointed out that he and Chi Tan had a major fight scene in a church in the film, which took ten full days to make. Originally he practiced with a butterfly knife, but Chi Tan wanted him to wield dual blades. Ting Fung said, "He explained to me that he wanted me to challenge his classic fight scene with Wu Jing in SPL (SAT POR LONG), so he would continue to hold a police baton. However I couldn't just hold one knife. I had to wield dual blades to challenge the classic." Finally Ting Fung practiced butterfly knives with both hands for over a month as a challenge to himself.

Ting Fung and Chi Tan's fight scenes had its share of vicious and brutal blows. He said that it has been a long time such a solid Hong Kong action film was released. After watching the film he also really missed the appearance of this "flavor" from working with director Chan Muk Sing. "Honestly, in the past decade aside from working with Director Chan, I feel that it is very hard to be able to see this flavor of Hong Kong film. Nowhere else in the Hong Kong has this, when you can feel the pain from just watching. That type of pain is the pain that makes you cringe!" How would he face this "pain" of making Hong Kong action film mentally? Ting Fung said, "Brother Tan really doesn't want to torture me, I don't want to hit Brother Tan. In one scene Chi Tan grabbed my head and dragged it across the piano keys in one take. Chi Tan knew everyone would rely on their faces to make a living. The director spent half a day to convince Chi Tan, pointing at me and telling Chi Tan, 'Do it, he doesn't mind'. Chi Tan was afraid that my face would be bruised, but this is a part of an action film."

Ting Fung went to the cinema to enjoy Chan Muk Sing's final film RAGING FIRE in advance. As he watched the film played on the screen, he could not help but succumb to tears. "I actually never thought that I would cry at the movies. I haven't in the past decade or so, but ultimately I handed too many life and death situations to him (Chan Muk Sing)!" From GEN-X COPS (DUT GAING SUN YUN LUI), INVISIBLE TARGET (NAM YI BOON SIK), NEW POLICE STORY (SUN GAING CHAK GOO SI), and for 6 or 7 films, Ting Fung said that as soon as he saw the visuals from the films he would be reminded of how the scene was shot, what Chan Muk Sing said. On the day of Chan Muk Sing's passing, Ting Fung was caught off guard. "I would doing voice work in Beijing, right before the dubbing I was told that the director couldn't come. Two days later the director passed away. My feeling was this, maybe the director knew Ting Fung finished his voice work, when the entire thing was done he finally passed."

Director Chan's words would always be etched into his heart. Ting Fung still remembered after finishing GEN-X Chan Muk Sing hug him and gave him a kiss. In recent years he, Stephen Fung Tak Lun, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and Sam Lee Chan Sam asked Director Chan for a photo with his GEN-X actors. They even beg the directors to make a third films, saying that they were all old. If they did not it would be GEN-OLD COPS. Unfortunately GEN-X COPS perhaps would never have another sequel.

Ting Fung also praised Chan Muk Sing as the only directors who did not smoke, drink, throw tantrums, or use foul language in the circle. Such a healthy person passing away from nasopharyngeal carcinoma truly was absurd. "So we have to live everyday to its fullest, cherish everyday." He stated that Chan Muk Sing was a role model, but he would not able to learn his demeanor, his gentlemanly ways at all. "Everyone have their own positions. I can't be him. His movies also really need an actor who is willing to toil and take a beating, be crushed and squished like me." Chan Muk sing also became the director Ting Fung trusted the most. During the performance was he the most at ease to put the life in his hands? Ting Fung said without any hesitation, "Absolutely, so many of the crazy action between Big Brother Jackie Chan and me were handed to him. The most dangerous stunts were for his movies. Looking back on my dangerous stunts, I would feel that today I am still here is because I trusted him back them!" The 40 year old Ting Fung admitted that now he would not be able to perform those "life risking" performance again. "Now I still dare to do it, but it would depend on the director. This responsibility not only puts myself at risk, if anything happens to me, or with any error in judgment, the entire film wouldn't be made!"

Speaking of Hong Kong action actors, seemingly no successor has been able to take the baton. Ting Fung agreed, even now if the industry wanted it might not be able to make one. "I am already the oldest kid! However this is a cycle, even though it's broken!" Would he help with cultivating new comers? He said, "I am not qualified yet. So far there are only Ting Fung and (Max) Zhang Jin, but Brother Tan has his own team. For those of us without a team passing the torch would be very hard, not to mention that I don't have his kung fu. It really isn't the same." Ting Fung also pointed out that young people nowadays are unwilling to toil, with special effects the entire entertainment atmosphere was no longer that of when Hong Kong action films reigned. "In the past many Hollywood films imitated Hong Kong action films, so I would risk my life in hopes of that would continue."

Ting Fung mentioned that he started to learn to cherish everyday. Aside from work would he care about his family? he said, "Actually I have never not cared!" Speaking of his former wife Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi arranging for their sons Lucas Tse Chun Hin and Quintus Tse Chun Nam to study in Shanghai, he immediately said that he would not comment on personal matter. When asked bout his relationship with Faye Wong and the rumor of a third party after Faye Wong went to a karaoke place with a male friend, Ting Fung smiled and said, "I am not answering personal life questions!"

In addition, Ting Fung also denied that he would perform an outdoors show this year. Only two years ago when he could not land a Hong Kong Coliseum date he no longer had any plan, not to mention that any show would have to wait until after the pandemic. Because he did not want any flaw, and he wanted to perform when everyone would be healthy, happy and in a good environment. Any venue would be fine.

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