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Snow Suen has a lot of pressure from her first lead role, luckily she gets a hug of support from her husband

Snowy Bai plans to get a mermaid certification
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Snow Suen and Penny Chan get their first film lead roles

Sit Ying Yi says that she has studied Eliza Sam's acting and can jump into a scene at a moment's notice.
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Penny Chan Kwok Fung and Snow Suen Wai Suet appeared in their first lead roles for the film REMEMBER ME, REMEMBER LOVE (OI WAN GEI DUT). The cast yesterday attended a production start worship ceremony, including Snowy Bai Yun and Sit Ying Yi, both just signed with ATV.

Ah Suet and Kwok Fung both had the support of their other halves for their first big screen lead roles. Ah Suet said, "My husband knew I was anxious, deliberately drove me here and gave me a hug. I feel very grateful to be able to work under the pandemic. In the past I mostly played the dumb woman. This time would be drastically different. The character would be very rebellious. In one scene I would burn someone with a cigarette butt, stuff that I normally would dare to do. However the story would be very touching. When I read the script I couldn't help but get teary eyed. (Was you pleased with your salary this time?) Of course it can't compare to my online income, but as an actor I can't use money as a measurement. The most important is the opportunity to perform. I have never been the female led, so I would cherish this rare opportunity very much."

Kwok Fung also received a hug and a kiss from his wife as an encouragement. As the male lead he stated that he did not ask about the salary. He was only after the chance to performance. He revealed, "The character is very similar to me. In his youth he doesn't have a steady job, later when he runs into the right person he changes. Thus I am very thankful to my wife." Ah Suet and Kwok Fung both have contracts with TVB, but the new film began its production at the ATV headquarters. Did they violate any terms? They said that because the movie was not an ATV investment, they did not violate any terms.

Bai Yun revealed that aside from making movies, she was also a host on the car channel. However she complained that due to the pandemic she had less opportunity to perform in the Mainland, which drastically reduced her income by six figures. Sit Ying Yi a week ago received the notice so she had no idea about her character or her salary. Would she like to be the lead actress? She said, "Let me think about that." However she did not have anyone specific she would like to work with. She said that normally she watched TVB series. Lately her favorite series has been PLAN "B".

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