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Sandra Ng

Jer Lau admits that he would like to work with Louis Cheung
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Sandra Ng and the four actors who play her son

Louis Cheung says that his son plays Jer Lau's new song on repeat
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Based on the real life story of the Paralympic Games gold medalist So Wa Wai, the film ZERO TO HERO (MA MA DIK SUN KEI SIU JI) two nights ago held a charity premiere. Producer and actor Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and her on screen sons Leung Chung Hang, Fung Ho Yeung, Tin Lok and actor Lo Hoi Peng attended as "three generations" shared the stage. So Wa Wai and his mother So Han Siu Chin received special invitations to attend as well. So Wa Wai hoped that everyone after watching this film would also hold the spirit of never giving up.

Ng Kwan Yu celebrated her 56th birthday on the 2nd. At the premiere a cake was presented to her for the celebration as all the actors took a group photo. Kwan Yu said that on the actual day she celebrated at home with her family. Due to the pandemic, she did not want her 89 year old father Ha Chun Chau to go outside and come in contact with too many people. "However he really wanted to come and watch the movie, so I brought him. With a mask he probably would be fine." Was her birthday wish for the film to be a big hit? She admitted that she was confident. At nonstop audience appreciation events earlier she heard great response. Many viewers were very moved, some even said that they cried enough tears to fill a glass. She said, "This time I want to bring out that in a simple life the happiness that everyone forgot. Wai Jai got to run and was very happy. So Ma saw her son run and was happy." Kwan Yu said that she was the most touched to receive calls from many artist training class classmates that they have already shown their support. Although they have already left this business, they still sincerely gave her support. In addition she also wanted to thank Lo Hoi Pang, who guest starred as her father in the film. He was willing to take the long ride to Guangzhou for just three shots, but she was only able to treat him to cuisine.

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