Monday, August 16, 2021


Shirley Chan is bruised all over but luckily the injuries are minor

Michael Ning gets lucky and carries Shirley Chan on the hike
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Shirley Chan Yan Yin recently teamed up with her film FUT YIN SUM DONG's co-star Michael Ning (Bak Chi) for an online commercial for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department to promote hiking safety. They went all over the Shing Mun Reservoir and Hok Tsui for location shoots and set negative examples for laughs.

In the ad, Bak Ji in order to get close to the goddess tried every trick in the book. Aside from taking photos for Shirley, they would also climb rocks together. Then he even carried Shirley. Because they earlier already played a couple in FUT YIN SUM DONG, they have built in chemistry and no awkwardness. Shirley said, "Working with Bak Ji again has been very pleasant, because he really is very funny. the entire commercial is full of negative examples, we have to keep doing what not to do. I hope everyone would pay attention to safety while hiking! In one scene I have to roll off a hill, the director tells me I can just pretend. However because it's too steep I can't stop. I get a little bruised, no big deal." Shirley continued to say that hiking was a habit for her. She would pay attention to safety and thus would not do anything dangerous. She even hoped through this opportunity to ask everyone to be responsible while hiking and pick up their own trash. "Hong Kong's nature has a lot of beautiful scenery, under the pandemic people can't go on vacation so more people go hiking. However while out in the country everyone has to be responsible and protect the environment!"

Bak Ji said that he rarely exercised, not to mention hiking. He joked that the production of the past few days has been a lot of exercising for him.

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