Sunday, August 15, 2021


At his play's curtain call Anthony Wong speaks to the audience, seemingly hinting at stage retirement
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The audience cheers when Chu Pak Hong, Anthony Wong and Chan Suk Yi appear for the curtain call

Louisa So and Poon Chan Leung attend the show
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The Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Chu Pak Hong and Chan Suk Yi starred play ART earlier held its first performance, after which Chau Sun led the entire cast and crew in a curtain call. Chau Sun said, "This time has been especially sentimental. Many dreams were fulfilled on this stage, but dream like music would come to an end. Sometimes irresistible forces would interrupt the performance. If this is farewell, I hope next year would be a comeback. Actually I am not too sentimental normally, as I grow older I have another type of experience. Nothing should be taken for granted!" His commented seemed to hint his "retirement from the stage", after which the audience tried to cheer him on.

After the show, Chau Sun said that he was pleased with the performance. He praised the audience for its passion. He also said that there were not many improvisations. Normally at rehearsal he would give 80%, only with an audience would he go 100%. Sensing the audience reaction live, results from earlier rehearsals all came out.

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