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One of Dick Liu Kai Chi's final films LADIES' MARKET (NUI YUN GAI JOI GEIN LIU) opened yesterday. In the film Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) and Ron Ng Cheuk Hei played Uncle Chi's neighbors. Sum Yau this time took the challenge of playing a courier, which she answered with a "Hong Kong Lara Croft" look in a tank top, shorts, and boots. She drove a big truck all over Mongkok streets big and small and even moved goods under the blazing sun. Because the entire film was shot on location at the Ladies' Mrket, Sum Yau drew countless pedestrians to look on. The professional Sum Yau's focus remained despite the crowd. Ng Cheuk Hei in the film played a "Wise Guy" who was picking on Sum Yau, but as Sum Yau was innocently swept into mob fight over goods and being chased, he stood up for her with a sense of justice. They ran for their lives in the middle of the night in Mongkok, while in trouble they realized that they were elementary school classmates and felt even closer.

In the film although they did not have many scenes with Uncle Chi, he left a deep impression on them. Sum Yau described Uncle Chi was very mild mannered in person, but on the set he had a scene in which he had to hit his adopted undocumented child "Tung Jai". As soon as the cameras rolled, Uncle Chi immediately turned into someone else and viciously hit Tung Jai with a hanger. Because Uncle Chi's performance was too real, Tung Jai was able to get into character right away and cried. In the film Sum Yau had to help settling them down. The "father and son" performance also affected Sum Yau and pulled at her heart strings. Ng Cheuk Hei said, "Uncle Chi's performance had an in depth understanding of the character. I would do a lot of homework. During his performance he would have many different layers." Ng Cheuk Hei also benefit from Uncle Chi's advice. Actually when Uncle Chi was on break he would observe Cheuk Hei's acting and even shared his experience.

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