Thursday, August 19, 2021


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Donnie Yen struggles to escape the head lock Nicholas Tse has applied

Both stars personally perform the stunts without doubles

Donnie Yen is pleased with Nicholas Tse's performance
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RAGING FIRE (NO FOR)'s duel between Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung intended to challenge the classic scene between Chi Tan and Wu Jing in SPL (SAT POR LONG). Ting Fung was full prepared after spending months to practice wielding dual blades and often studying with Chi Tan how to make the fight look good. The action director as well, Chi Tan was pleased with Ting Fung's performance. "The scene took ten days, by the fifth or sixth day he was already very decent, by the seventh and eighth day I knew he had no problem. Wu Jing definitely would call Ting Fung and say, 'You did great!' Back then SPL was a classic; he should lose, but if he won he would be rich. Even a tie would be considered a win, haha!"

During their fight, Chi Tan used Ting Fung's head to "play" the piano. Actually in the process Chi Tan was minding Ting Fung's face and took all the safety precaution. They only needed two takes. On the other hand, Ting Fung complained that playing the piano was not enough. He joked, "If I could use my head to play the piano for Chow Kit Lun (Jay Chou), it definitely would be very interesting!"

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