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Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor Aaron Kwok's acting is already beyond any doubt

Natalie Hsu would be paired with Aaron Kwok in the new film

Sing Sing is happy to work with Nina Paw again
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Heavenly King Aaron Kwok Fu Sing in recent years has spared no effort in promoting film industry development. Lately he would again work on a film and successfully invited "second generation star" Natalie Hsu and Best Actress Nina Paw Hee Ching to join the cast. In the film his character would be very tragic, which absolutely would give him a chance at another Best Actor nomination with the film.

Kwok Fu Sing can sing and act. In 2016 with PORT OF CALL (DAP HUET CHUM MUI) he won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor. In recent years he has been cultivating on and off screen new blood, and even "discounted his price" to take film roles. He once stated in an interview, "Salary isn't a big issue. I too want to do my part for the film industry!" Two years ago he even worked with first time director Wong Hing Fan on the film I'M LIVIN' IT (MAK LO YUN). Sing Sing without hesitation agreed to star, playing a financial leader who went to prison for embezzlement and "moved" into a fast food restaurant after his release. The film in Hong Kong made over HK$ 8 million and had decent word of mouth, but it was unable to bring Sing Sing another Best Actor award.

Recently Sing Sing and the I'M team would reunite and work on a tragedy that has already started production under a low profile. From the story alone, viewers would have to bring tissues with them to the movie. Some industry insider speculated that with this performance Sing Sing would have a great shot at another Best Actor nomination. Reportedly as the protagonist Sing Sing would accept a new challenge as a single father of a daughter, who has a serious illness. The doctors said that she would not live into her teens, but under Sing Sing's care his daughter grew past the deadline. Just when they have successfully escaped their fate, they realized that fate has been playing a joke on the father and the daughter all along. Sing Sing and the team has been in search of "her" and finally confirmed that the retired star Ann Bridgewater (Pak On Nai)'s daughter Natalie Hsu would play the role of the daughter.

Currently 18 years old, Natalie is known as the "counterfeit Gwai Lun Mei". Her debut commercial has left a deep impression. In her short time in the industry she has already worked on 5 movies, among them her youth musical film last year THE DAY WE LIT UP THE SKY even won her the first new comer award at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Aside from Sing Sing, another Best Actor Nick Cheung Kai also had his eyes on Natalie. He invited her to star in his film THE SHADOW OF REDEMPTION (SHOOK MUNG). Being able to work with two god class actors in a short time, Natalie seems to have Lady Luck by her side and absolutely can be the envy of other new actors.

In addition, Sing Sing's new film also successfully invited Nina Paw Hee Ching to join the cast. They would continue their "mother and son relationship", have previously worked on the films FLOATING CITY (FAU SING) and I'M LIVIN' IT (MAK LO YUN) and left a deep impression with the audience. When Sing Sing promoted I'M he once got choked up and said that while working with Paw Hee Ching he was reminded of his late mother. He truly treated her like his own and wanted to give her a long overdue embrace. Because the film company wanted to keep everything under wraps right now, none of the actors has made any comment and declined to respond.

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