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Carol Cheng provides her voice for the film EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL
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Carol Cheng with the director Ying Chi Wan and screen writer Wong Chi Yeung
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Carol Cheng says that she has a connection to Lunar New Year films and would gladly return to film with the right role

The Hins Cheung and Ivana Wong starred EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL will open on Lunar New Year's Eve
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The Hins Cheung King Hin, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun starred Emperor Motion Picture EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL (CHIU SUN GAING HAI GIP ONG HA) will open for the Lunar New Year. Yesterday the film poster was released. Actually after years away from film, Carol Cheng Yui Ling would provide her voice to the film! She said that the first condition was the right opportunity at the right time. "My contract just ended with TVB, so I wanted to try any and all jobs. Being a voice actor in a movie is pretty interesting, in addition this would be a Lunar New Year film. It's pretty fun!" Would she further appear on the big screen? She said, "There is plenty of time for that! With the suitable good character I of course would gladly perform!"

In addition, the 5 shows of Cheung King Hin's REVISIT concerts that was halted due to his positive COVID test yesterday announced make up shows from June 13th to 17th. Viewers would be able to attend with their original tickets. He thanked everyone for their love. "The postponement to June is because of many factors, the venue and everything have to be able to coordinate. I hope to see everything through music then!"

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