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Ivana Wong and Peter Chan

Ivana Wong returns from Japan fully recharged

Peter Chan makes funny poses

Everyone have a drink of their own

Ivana Wong reminds Peter Chan to get tickets for Hin Jai's concert

Ivana Wong and Peter Chan try a variety of menu items
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Yesterday Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Peter Chan Cham Man attended the Tam Jai Yunnan Rice Noodle's winter selection new production press conference as an "on screen couple". Just returned from Japan, she was concerned about her friend Hins Cheung King Hin catching COVID during his concerts. "I have lightly consoled him, I have a lot of confidence in his will power and healthy living. I wish him a speedy recovery, and resumes his concerts for his fans." Has she gone to his show yet? She admitted that she has not been arranged yet. Peter out of curiosity asked if she had to pay for her ticket. She said, "A little." Then she asked Peter to go together when Hin Jai resumed his shows, but she reminded him, "You have to get the tickets!"

Ivana also looked forward to her Lunar New Year film with Hin Jai, EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL (CHIU SUN GAING HAI GIP ONG HA), because she was able to show off his great kung fu background. "I have a lot of action scenes, the opponent was Hin Jai. However I was able to control my fist, I would stop on the spot. He couldn't though, leaving me injured all over. Luckily I am fine now. (Did you ask him for medical cost?) No, that's why I wish him speedy recovery. I will deal with him after."

Peter has ben busy the TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM) play rehearsal, which would be different from the film's story and team. Thus everything would start from the beginning.

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