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Grace Wong Kwan Hing since leaving TVB two years ago went alone North to participate in a variety show. Last year she even worked on the Donnie Yen Chi Tan directed and starred film SAKRA (TIN LUNG BAK BO ji KIU FUNG JUEN), playing the important character of Madame Ma. She admitted that she was very honored to have the opportunity, very grateful to Chi Tan for his support and encouragement. Before the shoot in order to get more into playing a "period costume person", she listened to Chinese music and watched classic costume films like mad. "I have watched many classic characters of Lam Ching Ha (Brigitte Lin), (Maggie) Cheung Man Yuk, (Vicki) Zhao Wei and others to make myself enter the period costume world."

Working with Yukee Chen and Cya Liu for the first time, Grace praised Yukee Chan for her focus during the shoot. She also admired Cya Liu very much. "When I watched LIMBO (JI CHI) I already really wanted to work with her. She is someone who gets into character then couldn't get out of it. I really love this kind of actors, an acting fanatic. So when we were waiting for our marks, we loved to talk about acting. (Which scene was the most memorable?) In one scene, Cya had to grab my lower jaw hard. I told her not to hold back for me. She really grabbed him hard, I suffocated and the micro blood vessels were showing. Because we had to shoot a dozen takes or so, afterward my face was bruised but the result was great. Even Chi Tan said don't stop rolling, just let us perform."

Aside from the fight scene, Chi Tan even arranged for a seduction scene for Grace to improvise. She admitted that it was very memorable. "The scene was shot inside a horse carriage with elder Du Yuming. Chi Tan said that he would let me improvise, to use all the erotic and sure-fire tricks. I said I would do my best. Because Du Yuming started as an action star, he said that he has never been so lucky to have this type of scenes. He has not even had a kiss scene, so I could be considered his first on screen kiss. Also because of that, I wasn't scared of him in this scene. I also really remember that line, 'I want you to die comfortably'."

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