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Hins Cheung, Ivana Wong, Jeffrey Ngai wish everyone a Happy New Year

Hin Jai reports the good news that his work schedule has been filled until the end of the year

Jeffrey Ngai is beating the drum so hard that Hin Jai has to cover his ears

Ivana Wong has a belly full of ideas for work
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Hins Cheung King Hin made a return to the film industry after "sharpening one sword for ten years". His "return" with the Emperor Motion Picture EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL (CHIU SUN GAING HAI GIP ON HA) asked Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun to make laughs together. The trio had great box office expectation. As Hin Jai challenged Jeffrey to go to the gym to "pay the bill", Ivana boasted that when the box office would reach HK$ 40 million she would give a song to Jeffrey.

Hin Jai, Jeffrey and Ivan worked on their Lunar New Year photos just as the Lunar New Year box office war officially began. They stood in front of a pair of rabbit lions, made poses for luck and wish everyone a smooth and prosperous Year of the Rabbit. The three even joked that as long as viewers would buy tickets to go to the movie, the Year of the Rabbit would definitely be luck for them. Speaking of his first lead role in a Lunar New Year film, Hin Jai made a heavy wager, "Right now, I believe this Lunar New Year would be the most memorable because I would spend it with everyone. Since I wouldn't have much to do on the Lunar New Year's Eve, I would gather the cast and the crew and go to the movies for audience appreciation events. I would go to get some rub off everyone's luck, I believe in the start of the New Year I would continue to be on patrol, and I am even planning on getting out lai see." As Ivana and Jeffrey immediately repeated, "Thank you Lord Hin", Hin Jai announced a "cap". "It's just a piece of red paper, I won't say the money. I have a set amount. Since the wool would come from the sheep anyway, I would make it count!"

Speaking of New Year wishes, the trio naturally said box office success. Hai Jai went straight to the point and stated that he looked forward to a "big hit" and also sang his own praises. "The movie has a lot of very special places and hidden parts, everyone really have to watch it a few times. (Do you plan to make a sequel?) I really have thought about it, perhaps when we would reach a certain number let's see how we would 'pay the bill'!" He immediately challenged Jeffrey, "Don't make it too big, if we would reach the first HK$ 20 million I would go to train with you for however long you say." Jeffrey joked, "Then if we would reach HK$ 30 MILLION, I would eat 30 eggs in front of everyone." Ivana said, "I believe no one would want to see that." Hin Jai followed, "How about this, when we would reach HK$ 30 million Jeffrey could go to the Peak and run 20 laps, at most I would keep you company." Ivana also said, "Hey, If we would reach HK$ 40 million, since Jeffrey now sells music I will write a song for you!"

As for the forecast for work this year, Hin Jai reported "good news" to everyone. "Actually this year's work schedule has already been arranged until the end of the year. At the end of the year I still have a surprise performance for everyone, a collaboration with a special friend. I would discuss the details later. This year I would focus on making more songs and music. After hearing Jeffrey's song, I had a strong sense of danger and would have to catch up!" Still had his blond hair during the photo shoot, Jeffrey said that the next day it would turn black. "Because I took a new role to work with a director I admire very much, the costume could not be blond! (Getting a second movie role so soon, Hin Jai and Ivana seem to be very lucky for you!) Right, but this year I want to spend more time on music, at least I would release three to four songs." With two shows in May, Ivana revealed that she would perform among decorative artwork. "The seats would be few, I hope everyone would  get tickets."

With New Year traditions, with his Indonesian heritage Jeffrey said to the avid New Year rice cake Hin Jai and Ivan, "You definitely haven't had the traditional Indonesian New Year desserts. It looks like a thousand layer cake but rally is very delicious. (Was there anything special about spending the New Year in Indonesia?) Haha, you really stumped me. However the most memorable was almost all of the family came together for a Lunar New Year dinner, after which everyone went to the Mongkok flower market. With a group of almost 30 years, it was very frightening." The self proclaimed "fish belly", Ivana would play mahjong with her parents and in laws. "I bought a lot of dried fish maw and seafood for my mother in law, so much that she strictly told me not to give anymore. She complained that she couldn't eat them all."

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