Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Hins Cheung thanks Ian Chan for celebrating his birthday with him

Hins Cheung performs at a female fan's wedding.  Hana Kuk is also one of the special guests
courtesy of on.cc

Hins Cheung King Hin would turn 42 today. After fans celebrated with him at a shopping center in advance, he also celebrated with Ian Chan Cheuk Yin and several friends over dinner. Three nights ago he also performed at a female fan's wedding banquet.

Hin Jai received good news on the eve of his birthday. His Emperor Motion Picture EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL (CHIU SUN GAING HAI GIP ONG HA) made around HK$ 15 million. Before and after the Lunar New Year he has been busy with audience appreciation event, so today he took a day off with the company for his birthday to properly enjoy Me time. Tomorrow he would resume work and continue to attend public events.

MIRROR member Ian last night held a birthday banquet last night to celebrate "Lord Hin's Birthday". Two hunks posed for a photo together and posted it on social media. Many fans left messages to wish him Happy Birthday. Hin Jai repeatedly thanked Ian's attentive arrangement. "Thank you Chairman Chan and several close friends for the birthday dinner, which has been heart warming and touching." He said that he almost wanted to cry and wished all sincere friendships would always be forever young.

In addition, Hin Jai three nights ago took time to perform at a female fan's wedding. Hin Jai responded, "Actually 3 years ago I already knew about this mission, but the wedding due to the pandemic has been rescheduled many times. This time was the first time I performed in front of so many people since I tested positive, suspended the concert series then recovered. The whole thing became very meaningful." The wedding banquet also invited Peter Tsang Pei Tat and Hana Kuk Chi Kiu as special guests and Derek Wong Kin Tung and Jacquelin Ch'ng Se Man as hosts.

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