Sunday, January 22, 2023


Fish Liew and Louise Wong have been very grateful to be working nonstop 
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Louise Wong Dan Nei and Fish Liew Chi Yu recently spoke with HOY TV and wrote couplets. Louise said that every Lunar New Year she would write couplets. "Although my calligraphy isn't considered pretty, but I did it all myself. (Have you written some with your daughter?) Yes, we would even write some for the fan club." From Malaysia, Fish revealed that for the Lunar New Year lion and dragon dancers would be invited to perform. "Malaysia has been the place that has produced the most Lunar New Year songs, singers there would sing Lunar New Year songs. When I was little I always thought, when I grew up and became an actor or a singer I would have to release a Lunar New Year album." Then she sang a verse of a New Year song on the spot.

Looking back in the past year, both said that it has been great. Louise admitted that she was already very happy to have jobs, while Fish pointed out that this year she had many more jobs. They also wished that their Lunar New Year film would be a big hit at the box office.

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