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Every one of Stephen Chow's films is the collective memory of Hong Kong people
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Stephen Chow's first post of 2023 uses a still from GOD OF COOKERY
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Stephen Chow turns into a wish pool and asks the internet to make their wishes

Sisley Choi
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Another Best Actor Stephen Chow Sing Chi hoped to return to the screen! Always been the box office guarantee, each one of his films has been the collective memory of Hong Kong people. Tin Kai Man who has worked with Chow Sing Chi countless times earlier revealed that he definitely would return to make a movie and would even personally star. "His fire is still here!" However he asked everyone to wait for a few more years, as he predicted that Chow Sing Chi would not return to on screen performance until after age 65. "I know he is passionate about acting, but he wants to leave any character he has played before. He doesn't want to have any shades of the past, no one should think about how Chow Sing Chi used to be!" He hinted that Chow would no longer be "Mo Le Tau"!

When he promoted the film MERMAID he already dropped hints when he was asked when he would return to acting. "Forget it, I am already several decades old, up there in age!" Then he changed his mind, "I am focusing on doing the directing job well first, as a director I act much more than an actor, because the director would play all roles big and small for the actors once. However my fire of being an actor has never gone out!" In 2017 he produced JOURNEY TO THE WEST: THE DEMONS STRIKE BACK (SAI YAU FOOK YIU PIN), which had an end credit Easter egg. He appeared for 30 seconds as the cinema usher, cleaning up with a trash bag after the show was over and pleasantly surprised viewers.

Currently 60, Chow Sing Chi earlier made his first post of 2023 on social media. "In the New Year, whatever wishes you have, tell them all!" Sisley Choi Si Bui said, "I hope to be your underling!" Sing Yeh replied, "You got it! How would you repay me!" Taiwan artist Hank Chen Han-dian wrote, "I want to watch Lord Sing act again." Sing Yeh personally responded, "Since you are such a fan, I have to consider it."

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