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April 1 this year will the 10th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing (Gor Gor)'s passing. Gor Gor's friend and manager Chan Suk Fun on March 31st will organize a memorial concert. Chan Suk Fun urged fans to be on time because at the opening she had a very important message from Gor Gor to all the fans. Mrs. Chan said, "It's what Gor Gor wanted to say to everyone, (What is it about?) About himself."

Mrs. Chan was afraid of revealing the message that Gor Gor left. She said, "This matter has been in my heart for ten years. Over those ten years I don't know how to express it. One night two or three months ago, I suddenly had a vision. I then thought of how to express the message to everyone. If the message is not said this time, it might never have a chance to be told in this lifetime." Was this important message Gor Gor's final words? Mrs. Chan said, "I can't say final words, it was Gor Gor's final message to everyone."

How many people knew about this message? Mrs. Chan admitted that in a year or two after Gor Gor's passing she once told someone about this message. She said, "But this person wasn't Tong Tong. I didn't dare to tell him yet."

Many singers will attend and participate that night, but Mrs. Chan did not want to give people the impression that she was promoting and declined to announce the list. She only revealed that over 15 singers and artists will perform. She said, "Many singers very sincerely called and asked if they could participate." As for the concert will be broadcast on TVB, Mrs. Chan said that nothing has been confirmed yet. Currently she is in negotiation with the broadcast media.

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