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First runner up Veronica Shiu, Miss Chinese International Mandy Choi and second runner up Christina Hui.  Mandy Choi says that her victory is a surprise for her.
Mandy Choi claims to be the dark horse.  During the swimsuit segment her articulate responses bring a lot of joy
Veronica Shiu is not a pre race favorite but with her self confident performance she becomes the first runner up
The youngest contestant, the 18 year old New York contestant Christina Hui's mature performance wins over the jury
Monica Chan
Ada Choi
Eliza Sam, Samantha Ko, Lisa Ch'ng, Toby Chan, Jacquelin Chong, Yoyo Chan
Grace Chan and Norman Leung
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The 2015 Miss Chinese International took place last night at Television City. The winner was contestant 15 from Sydney, Mandy Choi Mei Ting. The first runner up was Hong Kong's Veronica Shiu Pui Sze, the second runner was contestant 11 from New York Catherine Hui (Wai Gui Kiu) and Miss Congeniality was Auckland's Christina Jin (Kam Sze Dik). Favorites like Isabella (Ng Chi Mei) from Bangkok, Anjoe Koh (Hui So Yan) from Kuala Lumpur and contestant 13 from Seattle Leah Li (Lee Cheuk Yi) all faltered, breaking into the top five only. Contestant 13 did not even make it into the top ten.

The winner, contestant 15 Choi Mei Ting is a 22 year old university student. Although she is only 5'4" tall, with her sweet smile and self confidence she was rather relaxed during the question and answer segment. For the talent competition she performed the Samba and even blew a kiss in the end. She liked to cook, dance and travel and would like to become a nurse.

When the program began, the 18 contestants introduced themselves first. Their less than fluent Cantonese became the focus. After the swimsuit segment, eight contestants were eliminated first. In the top ten were Katrina Lee Yuk Mei, contestants 11 Catherine Hui, 16 Valerie Fong Sze Yeung, Christina Jin, Shiu Pui Sze, Ng Chi Mei, Anjoe Koh, 17 Erica Chen, Cindy Ye (Yip Ling Mung Juk) and 15 Choi Mei Ting. Favorite 13 Lee Cheuk Yi did not break into the top ten. After the question and answer segment, the top five contestants were 11 Catherine Hui, Anjoe Koh, 15 Choi Mei Ting, 17 Erica Chen (Chan Yi Jing) and Shiu Pui Sze performed in the talent competition.

In addition, Eliza Sam Lai Heung, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning, Toby Chan Ting Yan, Lisa Ch'ng Sze Ming and Jacquelin Chong Sze Man last night were among the star judges. When the program began they took selfies. Last year's Miss Chinese International Grace CHan Hoi Lam drew attraction with her cleavage but was no match for her elder Monica Chan Fat Yung.

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