Friday, January 30, 2015


Raymond and Edmond Wong
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Raymond Wong Pak Ming and his son Edmond Wong Chi Wun appeared on a Cable program. Wong Chi Wun swore to become a screen writer like his father. Although his father was very busy, their relationship has not been damaged. They were so close that they could talk about anything. Wong Chi Wun not only was a screen writer but also helped his father with the company businesses. Did Wong Pak Ming see his son as a successor? He admitted that he really wanted his son to inherit his film business. The company name Pegasus was connected to his son. His son was born in the Year of the Horse and people in the film industry had to think like a flying horse in the sky. Chi Wun only smiled and instead said that he was introverted and not suitable for social gathering. At most he would only have dinner and chat with directors and actors.

Speaking of his relationship with his father, Chi Wun described it like a friendship. He really appreciated his father's optimism, as he has never seen him get mad, yell at anyone or have anything bad to say about anyone. He also pointed out that he once felt the pressure of being Wong Pak Ming's son, but he would keep working hard and fight for good performance in order to get his father's approval. In Chi Wun's heart, his father absolutely was a good role model, in particular his unwavering love for his wife. Chi Wun said that the impression was very deep. "Papa's behavior is quite an inspiration for me in terms of marriage, at least I have to be as thoughtful as him. Actually he has a lot of excessive behavior that he has not talked about. For example one time Mama had horrible stomach pain and Papa said that he had to help her with Qi Gong. Actually he only rub his hands together to heat them up then touch her so she would not be in as much pain.

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