Sunday, January 25, 2015


Hong Kong independent musician The Pancakes (Choi Ming Lai), 100 MOST founder Roy Tsui (Lam Yat Hei)'s wife Dejay earlier shared the Apple Daily article, "capturing Fat Gor in the wild" and said, "I really have had enough! Everyone is running into Chow Yun Fat Gor except me! I have decided to try my rage into a song. In the next few days I will finish SONG FOR FAT GOR (tentative titled), boohoo~" Honestly, who in hong Kong does not want to run into Fat Gor!

The Pancakes truly lived up to her promise. In less than 5 days SONG FOR FAT GOR was done. She said, "For the chance to take a picture with you, I braved the danger of people force feeding me tofu skin like crazy, wrote and shot this kai song. As an Ah Sim (no longer even an middle aged woman) I really am going all out this time. I hope that in the not too distant future I will be able to run into you, play this song for you and give you my CD, then take selfies on the streets together and jump up together yeah~fan Cake"

The Pancakes sang this song in an ordinary tone, you make the call on whether it is good or not. Regardless it definitely speaks for many Hong Kong people. Even Chapman To Man Chak retweeted the song. "I retweeted it, I hope Fat Gor will see it!" Pancakes responded, "Boohoo~thank you, I don't know how to thank you. Maybe I will give you 100 copies of my every CD?"

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