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Lam Po Chuen's voice will remain in everyone's hearts
Ting Yu and Tsang Sing Ming are among the pallbearers
Daughter Chi Kwan's husband carries the photo as she again thanks the media for their concern
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The Hong Kong Ding Dong (Doraemon) and TVB veteran voice actor Lam Po Chuen's funeral took place yesterday at the Universal Funeral Parlor. Widow Mrs. Lam, daughter Lam Chi Kwan, her husband and her godfather Ting Yu wre on hand. Friends Tam Bing Man, TVB representative Tsang Sing Ming and others were Uncle Po Chuen's pallbearers. Many Hong Kong people grew up with Uncle Po Chuen's voice, yesterday at Uncle Po Chuen's funeral around 300 people came to bid him a final farewell at the hall. Some even knelt on the ground to pay their respect.

Friend Tam Bing Man lamented that Uncle Po Chuen's rise to fame after his death as an achievement for voice actors. As for the new voice of Ding Dong, Tam Bing Man said, "The voice of Ding Dong is very hard to dub, it's not that easy but he had a motivation!"

Tsang Sing Ming said, "Currently the company has to see if it will continue to buy the rights. It's too soon to talk about it. The company will fully assist Uncle Po Chuen's family." Mr. Tsang even brought three drawings from children and revealed that they were from Uncle Po Chuen's little fans.

The services began at 10:40AM and the funeral was moved up to 11AM. Uncle Po Chuen's coffin was transported to the Diamond Hill crematorium. His daughter Chi Kwan thanked the media for their concern. When asked about Uncle Po Chuen's grave goods, she said, "There is a Ding Dong doll, I don't know what everyday items Mommy packed. A donation will be made for temple repair. Daddy was a Buddhist and the contribution was very important to him." Chi Kwan said that her father's voice will always remain in everyone's hearts. After the cremation, everyone left around 12:00PM and went to Tsim Sha Tsui East for the hero banquet.

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