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Josephine Siao Fong Fong, Chung King Fai yesterday received the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's 2014-2015 honorary fellows. They attended the presentation ceremony. Sister Fong Fong's husband Cheung Ching Fu also attended. Sister Fong Fong in her speech shared the story of the wander and the tea master. She said, "I really want to thank Polytechnic U for giving me this honor, driving me to keep learning from the courage of this tea master's soul. Only then can I be able to make a good cup of tea that is the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation to protect children."

Sister Fong Fong said that last night she would celebrate with her younger daughter, who would cook for her. Her husband would be unable to attend, but two days ago she just spent some time with her grandchild so she has already celebrated.

Will she return to on screen performance? She said that she has always paid attention to good films of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Her acting bug has been acting up; she also said that lately someone tried to persuade her to make a film, but due to her health she did not want everyone to accommodate her work schedule. Sister Fong Fong said, "I don't want to ask to shoot for only a few hours and no overnight shoot, I would seem very arrogant and wouldn't be professional. I hope to wait for my health to be a little better, they can approach me then." She said that like when she came the film HU DU MEN, everyone accommodated her and she felt very bad inside.

Sister Fong Fong said that lately she had many ECSAF work and projects. Later she will promote in elementary and secondary schools. She also invited Hacken Lee Hak Kun and Joyce Cheng Yun Yi to provide their voices for animation. She said, "It will be screened for 5 minutes before class, then through online games children would learn knowledge about sex." Sister Fong Fong again thanked four divas like Sandy Lam Yik Lin and A-Mei for their concerts. Originally they raised HK$ 3 million, now they have raised HK$ 4 million for the ECSAF. She said, "They are really great, watching their expenses at every turn. For example for the celebration they also found a sponsor and went to (Carina) Lau Ka Ling's restaurant. Because of them there were so many donations, I was very touched. As soon as I talk about that I am done (taking about breaking down)."

Sister Fong Fong also said that earlier she asked Ann Hui On Wa to make a movie about sex education, but Ann said that she did not know how to make it. Because she was not too familiar with other directors, later she will try to convince Ann.

Chung King Fai said that he would celebrate with friends at dinner. This was already his second fellowship; he also said that lately he has been working on TVB series and later he will perform a play.

How long has it been since he last saw Siao Fong Fong? He said that they worked together on the film HU DU MEN. After that they have seen each other only infrequently. Did he ask Sister Fong Fong to make a movie? Chung King Fai said, if she would be willing it would of course be great. However he did not have a chance to chat with her on the stage.

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