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Derek Yee feels Hong Kong films will not disappear and his film SWORD MASTER will be released next year
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The two days long 13th annual Greater China Film Directors' Forum began yesterday. Over 200 Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan filmmakers were present, the highest attendance in history. Hong Kong Directors' Guild president Derek Yee Tung Sing revealed that the first day meetings mainly examined the chaos that ensured from the Mainland film market's rapid takeoff in recent years, he also hoped through this forum a new generation of young directors could meet and have exchanges with each other.

Yee Tung Sing said that the Mainland produced around 700 films every year, but only 200 to 300 might be released. In recent years online film watching has become popular, more people watched on mobile phones than on computers and tablets. He said, "Perhaps in the next few years, the China film market would surpass the U.S.; but that would be none of my business since I am already planning to retire. (Will you be retiring in the next two to three years?) No, but I am getting gold. I will be more selective. Thus I admire Ng Yu Sum (John Woo) and Tsui Hark very much, because big productions would be very tiring." Although Hong Kong films have not shown any sign of life, he felt that Hong Kong film would not disappear because Hong Kong still had many young directors who were toiling at film productions. In addition, has he paid attention to reports about Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming)? Yee Tung Sing immediately slammed the gate shut. "Today I am not talking about that." He also revealed that his new film SWORD MASTER (SAM SIU YEH DIK GIM) will be released next year.

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