Monday, January 26, 2015


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Michelle Wai plays a prank on Carlos Chan in the film
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Ken Hung (left) and Deep Ng (right) study the hole in Carlos Chan's pants
Adult video actress Ayaka Tomoda wants to meet Kay Tse
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Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Ken Hung Cheuk Lap, Deep Ng Ho Hong, Michelle Wai Si Nga and Japanese adult video actress Ayaka Tomoda last night appeared at a Central night spot for the Emperor new film DRINK DRANK DRUNK (SAM TIU YAU YUM JUI JAU). Ka Lok was found with a "hole in his pants". Actually in the story Wai Si Nga played a prank on him. Ka Lok could not be luckier this time. Not only did he receive a "hug of love" from Ayaka Tomoda, earlier the director also arranged for a kiss scene for him and Ng Ho Hong.

Speaking of working with Ayaka Tomoda, Ka Lok said, "Due to height and language difference, originally I wanted to finish in one take but I still had multiple shots in the end." Ayaka Tomoda said about her first film in Hong Kong. "I have to stand tiptoe to work with Ka Lok, he also had to 'bend down' to accommodate me. (Everyone says you look like Kay Tse On Kay?) I want to see her in person too." Ng Ho Hong talked about his wedding plan with girlfriend Sherman Chung Shu Man. "The wedding will become my mini concert. The old lady better not fight me for it, at most I would let her dance in the background." As for being caught with a female companion at a night spot, he said that it was a former colleague's birthday. He already told his girlfriend before hand.

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