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Alien Huang has loved film since he was little and hopes to be able to become an actor
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Alien Huang (Wong Hung Sing) yesterday promoted his current film production YUT OAK LEUNG HEI (ONE HOME TWO CHEATS). He said that this time he came to Hong Kong for two days of location shoot, after which he had to rush back to Taiwan to continue work. He did not have time to look around or meet fans. He could only wait until the film promotion and other performance to come to Hong Kong again. He revealed that in the film he played a public relations manager who was careful with his thoughts and full of passionate for work, a little like his real self. This film was Siu Gwai's first Hong Kong film. He said that he has loved film since he was little and hoped to be able to be a film actor. "Hong Kong film and not Hollywood film gave me the greatest inspiration, because when I was little I didn't understand Hollywood films. However at that time Taiwan television would play Hong Kong films, I grew up watching Hong Kong films."

Among the Hong Kong film stars, he said that his favorite in comedy was Stephen Chow Sing Chi. His KING OF COMEDY (HEI KET JI WONG) was his favorite; the character actor he admired the most was Chow Yun Fat. Siu Gwai said, "His AN AUTUMN'S TALE (CHAU TIN DIK TUNG WA) and other romantic films, Cheng Yi Kin's YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI) they all feel very cool." He also praised Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung Ka Fai for being friendly, which was worth younger generations to learn from.

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