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Alien Huang feels a connection to Hong Kong, so money is not important when he makes a Hong Kong film
Lam Suet and Ho Ka Kui worked together on IMPRISONED: SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR RICH AND PRODIGAL earlier
Lam Suet says that he went to Beijing for a movie, not to avoid debt collectors
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Taiwan artist Alien Huang (Wong Hung Sing/Siu Gwai), Lam Suet and new comer Vanessa Tuan Lung Chun yesterday attended the new film LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE (1 NGUK 2 HEI, tentative title)'s production start worship ceremony. Earlier Lam Suet was rumored to be on the lam in the Mainland after owing a large sum and thus did not appear in public; yesterday he was naturally asked the debt question.

Lam Suet at first appeared relaxed, but when mentioned about the debt he could not help but curse. He stated that it was made up and did not need to mind such matter. He said, "X! Don't X pay it any mind! I get mad just talking about it again. It's written about once a year for three years, aren't you tired of it?" Was someone playing a prank on him? He said that the matter instead made him more famous. Lam Suset said, "Don't help me, what are you helping me for? From the beginning to the end I rely on myself." He said that in the past year he has been working in the Mainland and the workload has been decent.

Speaking of William Ho Ka Kui's passing, Lam Suet said that earlier they just worked together on the film IMPRISONED: SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR RICH AND PRODIGAL (YUT YUK YUT SAI GAI: GO DUNG WOOT SIU MAU GAM YUT GEI). He had quite a heartache because there was one less "villain". He also felt that life was like drama, it would be the best to be nice and simple.

In addition, Show Luo and Jay Chou's fans recently erupted into a war of words. A friend of Piggy, Siu Gwai believed it was a misunderstanding. He said that nothing was between the two of them, they were both his friends and he did not know what to say.

Siu Gwai in the film played a couple with new comer Tuan Lung Chun and had intimate scenes. Was working with so many new actors difficult for Siu Gwai? He said, "I feel everyone can perform very well. We are learning together and making a movie. If we aren't nervous we can give a great performance. The most important for new comers is to relax, not to make yourself too tense!"

Working on his first Hong Kong film, Siu Gwai stressed that it had nothing to do with salary as money was not important. He took this film because he felt he had quite a connection with Hong Kong. He said, "Hong Kong to me is a huge turning point. Hong Kong fans have given me a lot of encouragement, its media also took great care of me. From Hong Kong I got a lot of confidence! The first film in Hong Kong to me is very important, the director is also a good friend of mine. I said to him that whatever he would ask me to make, I would toil away with him."

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