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Kate Tsui feels dissection is cruel and has to muster up a lot of courage to be able to do it.
Carrie Ng calls Kate Tsui professional for refusing to use a double and overcoming her fear
Kate Tsui sees the rat and runs the other way, even ending up in tears.
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Kate Tsui two nights ago at a Chinese funeral shop worked on the Carrie Ng Ka Lai directed new film KNOCK KNOCK! WHO'S THERE? (YAU HAT DOH). Playing an autistic employee in the film, Tsz Shan said that so far the shoot has been going rather smoothly. She has not run into anything strange and was not worried about the eerie atmosphere. Instead she was the most worried about the rat dissection scene. Before she finished speaking, she was already called to dissect the rat.

The crew first played some music to put Tsz Shan at ease, but she appeared to be upset. When the crew brought out a large and a small white rat, she was scared out of her wits, tears streamed down her face as she covered her face and sobbed. The crew was caught off guard by how suddenly she turned. Tsz Shan immediately turned around and left to stand in a corner, seemingly she was still upset. Soon she even left the set to cool down on the streets, as the crew comforted her from the side.

After a half hour break, Tsz Shan was calmer and returned to the set. Ng Ka Lai attentively comforted her and taught her how to overcome her fear. She also suggested that if she "couldn't do it" she could get a double, but Tsz Shan in the end insisted on performing herself. To keep the team from waiting, she could only tough out the shoot.

Tsz Shan later said, "It was very cruel, it was conscious! I really was very scared, how could I do it? I wasn't scared to be in the shop, but dissecting the rat was really the limit." Although she broke down, Tsz Shan still received director Ng Ka Lai's praise of professionalism. She said, "I have paid attention to Tsui Tsz Shan for a long time, she has made many television series and I really admired her performance. This time actually I got her in her most fragile spot. When we talked about the script and I told her that she had to dissect a rat, she already screamed out of her mind. At the time I could only coax her with it might be a fish, but in the end for realism she needed to dissect a rat. (Does your heart ache?) Yes, every actor would have a weak spot, as long as you overcome it you are fine."

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