Thursday, January 22, 2015


Clara sees reporters and calmly returns a smile
Rainky Wai and Lok Ying Kwan
Korean star Clara gets into a water gun fight
Rainky Wai shows off her figure
The film use 3 yachts and 7 sports cars to support Clara
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Korean star Clara, Taiwan singer Prince Chiu and Nina Paw Hee Ching starred film GOR GEI WONG JI (CORGI PRINCE) is heating up in production in Hong Kong. Despite Clara and her agency boss' exchange of condemnation over contract problems, her work has not been affected as she yesterday continued to work on the film at the Pak Sha Wan Public Pier for a scene at sea. The team used 3 yachts and 7 luxury sports cars.

Yesterday the yacht scenes began with Rainky Wai Yu Sam and veteran actor Lok Ying Kwan drinking red wine on the yacht. Suddenly it turned into a water gun fight as Rainky and several women in swimsuits shot at each other. Due to the chill and the strong sea breeze, the ladies were all shivering. After finishing one shot they immediately put on clothes to keep warm.

Clara then appeared with Mainland actor Na Wei worked on additional water gun fight scenes. They often blocked incoming splashes with their arms. Na Wei in order to keep Clara from falling backward grabbed her by the waist.

Clara later changed on another yacht. 7 luxury sports cars were on display, each one cost HK$ 4 million. Clara picked up the film star "Prince". She finally had scenes with Prince, but this Prince was the film's Corgi "Prince". Clara had a little trouble holding it. Later she discovered waiting reporters and smiled at their cameras.

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