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Sammi Cheng and Francis Ng's will they or won't they leaves viewers wanting more
Cheung Chi Lam and Amber Kuo play cosplay and share a kiss
Louis Koo has a cream fight at the house
Goo Jai and Sheh Si Man's romance is a major part of the film
TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES in one of the most anticipated Lunar New Year films
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The film TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) will be released during the Lunar New Year. The film company yesterday arranged for a media advanced screening. After the television series TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES II, "Sam Gor" Francis Ng Chun Yu and "Cool Demon" Julian Cheung Chi Lam appeared at the opening of the film with the new addition Louis Koo Tin Lok formed the handsome pilot team. Yet little of the film was about their piloting a plane. Instead the film focused on their romance with the beautiful people and beautiful scenery elements.

The mild mannered and serious Sam Gor this time broke through his frame and danced with big time music star Sammi Cheng Sau Man on an airline commercial. They thus fell for each other and played a tug of war in ambiguity. Finally they would have a kiss scene; however with too many characters and subplots in the film, Sam Gor and Sammi's part was thinned. Instead the airline company owner Goo Jai and flight attendant Charmaine Sheh Si Man had the most screen time. In the story they kept breaking up and making up, from the ferris wheel, swimming together to rolling around on the ground they had three kiss scenes. Goo Jai also showed off his chocolate chest muscle.

The playboy Cool Demon after becoming a private pilot ran into Amber Kuo on the plane and clicked immediately. They shared a bath and got intimated. Cool Demon often displayed his abdominal muscles. Yet after the intimacy he saw Amber Kuo's nosebleed and discovered that she was seriously ill. Cool Demon in order to encourage Amber Kuo to seek treatment changed into school uniforms and played Harry Potter cosplay. The couples in the film had happy endings, which were very suitable for the Lunar New Year. Rising stars from the television series "Roy" Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming and "Head Jeh" Elena Kong Mei Yee also had parts. Although they only had a few scenes, in the end Roy proposes successfully.

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