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Candy Yuen and Tony Ho are complete strangers when they work on this scene
Dominic Ho works on the poster with Candy Yuen with the "giant duck" look
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Candy Yuen Ka Man has caught director Wong Jing's eye. After working on FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON) earlier, she followed up with the new film THE GIGOLO (NGAP WONG). In the film she broke through her personal limit and performed many passionate and daring scenes. In one scene her on screen husband Tony Ho Wa Chiu kissed her from her toes to her thigh. Yuen Ka Man loosened her clothing for the scene.

Yuen Ka Man said that during the shoot she was in character so it was not too awkward. "However the entire shoot was very strange to me. During the shoot actually many men were on the set, the lights were very strong and I was a little unnatural. In bed my co-star inevitably touched my chest, I understood that as an actor I had to overcome these problems. Yet because I didn't know my co-star before hand, after the shoot I might never see him again in my life. The feeling was a little strange."

Yuen Ka Man admitted that this time she gave her all for the film, her first daring performance on screen. In the film she also had revealing scenes. She said that when Wong Jing approached her, she spent four days to consider the offer. She thanked Wong Jing and decided to challenge herself. "Every actor in each age would have a different position, I hope to have a chance for the audience to appreciate my performance." Yuen Ka Man in the film had bed and bath scenes with lead actor Dominic Ho Ho Man in the film. When they shot the sexy poster it was not awkward for them at all.

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