Tuesday, January 27, 2015


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Sexy Korean star Clara, Nina Paw Hee Ching, Taiwan singer Prince Chiu starred in the film GOR GEI WONG JI (CORGI PRINCE) two nights ago held a wrap banquet. Clara attended wit her mother and carried the film's star Corgi Prince in a group photo with the entire cast.

Clara revealed that the shoot has been completed. Working on a film in Hong Kong has been a great experience. Speaking of not being as sexy as Rainky Wai Yu Sam earlier, Clara pouted and said, "My swimsuit design was very unique. It looked like a bikini, but it wasn't. (Did you lose to her?) Right right right, she really is very sexy, very pretty, her figure is great. I lost to her. However she and I are of different types, each pretty on her own."

As for working on a film in Hong Kong for the first time, Clara said, "My impression of Hong Kong is great, the shoot was very pleasant and I knew many new friends. The shoot was very comfortable and very enjoyable." She also aid that this was a new beginning, through which she hoped to open up the Chinese language film market. She said, "My dream is to make movies in Hong Kong or China, I especially like Zhang Ziyi and (Andy) Lau Tak Wa. I hope to have a chance to work with them. (What kind of film would you like to make?) My athletic genes are great, I believe I can face the action film challenges."

Clara also revealed that she was interested in staying in Hong Kong or China for awhile to learn Putonghua. Would she like to meet a boyfriend who speaks Putonghua? She said, "Many people have suggested that, I would consider that. For now work is important, I don't want to think about anything else."

Chung Kai Kei revealed that she was the lead actress in her first film. She knew that all the workers have put a lot of effort into teaching her, but she has learned a lot of different things. She said that in the film she had the most scenes with the two Princes, the Corgi and the Taiwan singer. She said, "I have seen his work and music videos, I am like half a fan."

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