Monday, January 12, 2015


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Donnie Yen is practicing kung fu for the IP MAN 3 production after the Lunar New Year
Stephy Tang still keeps her distance from Alex Fong Lik Sun in public.  She jokes that they may not walk together until they are old
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan yesterday attended a elderly charity event with Stephy Tang Lai Yan and Mag Lam Yan Tung. Chi Tan said that his grandmother lived a long life, she lived to 106 because completely because of playing mahjong. He also recalled unable to see Grandma one final time. "Several years ago when Grandma passed away in Boston, I was working on a movie in the Mainland. As soon as I got the call I immediately booked a flight to go back, but before I got on the plane I got the call and found out that she passed. Because Grandma raised me, I rather respect elders." Chi Tan will head to Shanghai to make IP MAN 3. Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) will play his wife again. He joked, "This version's Ip Man is very faithful."

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