Friday, January 30, 2015


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Chi Lam asks Annie Liu to design his concert DVD cover
Julian Cheung shows off his muscles during his concert
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Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) yesterday attended a skin care product ribbon cutting ceremony. Chi Lam invited Sum Yau to design his concert DVD cover, Sum Yau who studied design agreed.

Would Chi Lam be like Jacquelin Chong Si Man and pose all nude for a daring poster? He said that he did not notice, but first he would have to work out. For now he still lacks confidence. Because he had to keep warm in the winter, he ate a lot. He will work out more before the summer. Earlier at his concerts, he also displayed his abdominal muscles. However he would have to overcome a lot of psychological obstacles to be all nude, thus he admired Chong Si Man very much.

Speaking of Sean Lau Ching Wan, Chow Yun Fat and others baring their rear during film shoots, Chi Lam felt that in a movie psychological obstacles would be easier to overcome with the story as guidance. Back then in the film TO BE NO. 1 (GUM BONG TAI MING) he had a mob initiation ceremony that he only wore underwear for. In the end it was cut, which he regretted. Yet watching it again even now he would sweat a little. Would his wife not permit him to perform in the buff? Chi Lam said that his body belonged to him, his wife also said that if he had something good he should show it to people.

Sum Yau said that she was very happy to be able to participate in Chi Lam's DVD cover design, but if she had to turn over the work in a short period of time she might not be able to. She still had several movies to make. Since she agreed she had to seriously work on it. As for Chi Lam saying that he would not need to pay, she joked, "He can't even get a gift? I will ask him for a lai see. In the new year I want to choose a product to design, but first I have to concentrate on finishing the films on my hand." Would she consider wanting Chi Lam to appear in the buff? Sum Yau excitedly said, "Good idea, it's OK, let me seriously think about it. I would ask him how he would feel about an all nude concept. Even if he wouldn't be all nude he could show his booty. This way I am happier than making money, definitely many people will buy it." On Valentine's Day Sum Yau will be working on a new film in Taiwan. In the film she will play a lovesick woman. Speaking of not only not on a date on Valentine's Day but also having to work on a tragic scene, Sum Yau said that actors were passive and had to follow the story. She did not have anyone would ask her on a Valentine's Day date. Normally she would go to dinner with people, but lately she had to make movies and had no time. Even dinners had to be scheduled. Sum Yau admitted that she had no suitor and admitted to be a failure because she was extremely bashful. In the future she would only publicize a confirmed boyfriend.

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