Tuesday, January 20, 2015


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Jiang Wen is not afraid of his wife getting jealous over him working with Shu Qi
Shu Qi is exhausted from firing 100 shots
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Jiang Wen's new film GONE WITH THE BULLETS will open in Hong Kong on the 29th. In the film Shu Qi played a character that some said that based on Wang Lianying. the Jiang Wen played Ma Zouri was a reflection of Yan Ruisheng. Back then the courtesan Wang Lianying lost her life to her love Yan Ruisheng for money, but in the film Jiang Wen did not truly kill Shu Qi. However the entire city felt that he was the killer.

Shu Qi said that this character was very challenging. First she had to be a strong woman, during the pageant she won with her debate. Then she became a woman wanted to be loved. She fell for Ma Zuori who single-handedly brought her to the top, but Ma Zuori did not feel the same way. She held him at gunpoint to force him to marry her. Shu Qi said that this scene left her exhausted, threatening each other with a gun in a room was absolutely not the usual romantic scene. She was left exhausted. Luckily her character did not know anything about guns, all she had to do was holding the gun and shooting blindly.

Jiang Wen said that this time his wife Zhou Yun asked for Shu Qi by name because she appreciated Shu Qi's aura. In the film his bed scene with Shu Qi was actually an gun fight, which he understood for Shu Qi was a little difficult. Off camera they were always talking and joking around. Was he worried that his wife would be jealous? Jiang Wen joked, "This is an actress that my wife asked for by name, I think that she must trust Shu Qi fully to ask for her like that? Then what is there to be worried about?" Shu Qi also joked that it was rare for her to be so relaxed in an intimate scene. Shu Qi opened over 100 shots. For realism the gun would not fire without a certain amount of force, after the shoot her fingers were numb and her shoulders ached. She joked, "If I have to rely on a hand to force marriage, I definitely wouldn't give myself a hard time like this. I would rather save the energy from firing the gun."

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