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The four year old Angela Wang, Nick Cheung and Chow Yun Fat
Nick Cheung and Chow Yun Fat end up in Thailand countryside and even get to sit on durians
Chow Yun Fat and Shawn Yue try to find Nick Cheung
Nick Cheung takes care of Angela Wang and calls her smart
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Chow Yun Fat follows up FROM VEGAS TO MACAU and continues the legend of Ken in FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2. This time he even has Nick Cheung Ka Fai as a co-star. Fat Gor jokes that he has some pressure with "Seven Time Best Actor Cheung"; Ka Fai jokes that working with Fat Gor the pressure should be his instead.

This time Ka Fai plays the criminal organization DOA's accountant Ma who embezzles a large sum from the organization and takes his daughter to Thailand. He runs into Interpol officer Shawn Yue Man Lok, but Fat Gor saves him. In the process he and Fat Gor have very interesting and humorous scenes as they get to know each other. The most memorable for Ka Fai is the scene in which he, Fat Gor and a little girl end up in the Thailand countryside. He is both wet and has to sit on a durian, it is completely unlike any scene in FROM VEGAS TO MACAU and very interesting.

Fat Gor and Ka Fai not only display their unique performance style but also often discuss their performance. Sometimes they would improvise on the spot and behave strangely.

In the film Ka Fai is full of schemes, Fat Gor has to come up with many different ideas to be able to capture Ka Fai. Ka Fai says, "In the film Fat Gor and I battle wits, which reminds me of Leonardo and Tom Hanks in CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. I feel this part of the film is very entertaining. The film also has a lot of large scale gun fights and explosive action scenes. I look forward to watching this scene very much."

In addition, speaking of working with little girl Angela Wang Shiling, Ka Fai said that Shiling is very cute and very smart. She is only a four year old child and everyone take great care of her. When he and Shiling work on the Thailand escape scene, they have to run and get wet so he takes special care of her. In addition Shiling is very smart and in the film she gives quite a performance.

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