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Gregory Wong and Justin Cheung
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Ashina Kwok
Anita Chui
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The film IMPRISONED: SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE RICH AND PRODIGAL (YUT YUK YUT SAI GAI GO DUNG FUT SIU MAU GAM YUT GEI) two nights ago held its film wrap banquet. Attending actors included Gregory Wong Chung hiu, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Ashina Kwok Yik Sam, Coffee Lam Chin Yu and boss Stephen Shiu Jr. Gaining weight for this film, Cheung Kin Sing said that in the film he played a fiend. Due to his gentle nature he had to put some thought into the character design. He said, "In the film I killed someone in every scene." Cheung Kin Sing reached 195 pounds for the character. Now after a month he has already dropped back down to 168 pounds. He hoped to lose 10 more pounds. Then by March or April he could show everyone his muscles. Nick Cheung Ka Fai was his goal.

Boss Stephen Shiu Jr. pointed out that this film was a Hong Kong style prison film that has not been made in awhile. It could bring back collective memory for everyone. He said, "This film should at least make HK$ 20 million in Hong Kong and even has a chance at a Mainland release, because the story is positive and about the lead returning from the crooked path." Earlier he said that he asked aTV about the rights to his father Stephen Shiu Yeuk Yan's aTV television series productions. Stephen Shiu Jr. said that he has already answered aTV with a return bid. He said, "The return bid is reasonable, I won't say how much it is. It will be enough for aTV to pay one month of salary. I hope to make the deal as soon as possible. If it does, I can pay in 24 hours." Stephen Shiu Jr. also said that he did not hope for aTV to declare bankruptcy because he did not want to make the purchase from the bankruptcy judge.

Kwok Yik Sam in the film played Cheung Kin Sing's girlfriend and had a bed scene with Wong Chung Hiu. She said that the shoot was not awkward and she could accept the level of sexiness. As for her first bed scene, she said, "The director cares a lot about me. Because the bed scene was shot on the first day of work, he arranged for me to first rehearse with Wong Chung Hiu. He had contact with my lower body, but I trusted him." Lam Chin Yu said that in the film she had an intimate scene in the bathroom. Was the director having a little fun at her expense? She said, "I have already let everything go, honestly I feel the director is more or less playing a prank, but I get back up wherever I fall down."

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