Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hins Cheung, Joey Yung, Jiang Wen, Jackie Chan, Shu Qi
Ge You is absent from the Hong Kong premiere
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Shu Qi is honored for the film selection but she already has vacation plans.
GONE WITH THE BULLETS director and actor Jiang Wen is confident 
Hins Cheung helps Joey Yung with her clothing, which surprises her
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The Jiang Wen directed film GONE WITH THE BULLETS last night held a Hong Kong premiere. Shu Qi attended and mystery guest Jackie Chan made a sudden appearance with flowers to congratulate his friend Jiang Wen's film being selected for the Berlin Film Festival competition. In addition, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Hins Cheung King Hin and Albert Yeung Sau Sing also attended. Jiang Wen said that he just found out about the Berlin Film Festival selection and he was very pleased. Berlin is a good place. He said, "To our Chinese films, after RED SORGHUM the focus on Chinese film began. RED SORGHUM made an exceptional contribution." He said that he will attend the Berlin Film Festival. As for any confidence to win an award, he said, "When other judges, I don't know. I am always self confident, they say that I am overly self confident and narcissistic. I hope to have a good result, but I am fine with no award." Which of his actors would have a chance to win an award? He said, "Ge You, Shu Qi, Wen Zhang and others all have possibilities. I am the last. Because I have too many scenes, I am also the director and the actor, it should be given to an actor with few scenes but performed well." He admitted that earlier because of inspection he has already edited the film, now he only has one version. The entire world would only have one version.

Shu Qi was very happy to learn about the Berlin selection, as it was a honor. Would she attend the Berlin Film Festival? She admitted, "I scheduled a vacation, booked a flight and hotel in Southeast Asia. Because I will go with friends and I haven't taken time off after working for ten years, the holiday probably can't be postponed." Would the Berlin promotion lose luster without her? She said, "It's minor for me, I got the notice too late." Would Stephen Fung Tak Lun go on the holiday with her? She avoided the subject and said that it would be with a group of friends. How will she celebrate Valentine's Day next month? Shu Qi said that she will have to work on Valentine's Day. If she was happy everyday would be. Earlier Shu Qi's Weibo post seemed to hint at a break up. She said that those words were only "chicken soup for the soul" that she shared with others, so they would understand life sooner. It was not her personal emotions. She now only has movies and her cat. How is her love life? She said, "It's the same, very busy."

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