Friday, January 30, 2015


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Edison Chen Koon Hei, Venus Wong Man Yik and director Clement Cheng Si Kit yesterday attended the film A ESPERA's forum. Edison said that he thanked Eric Tsang Chi Wai very much for asking him to make this film. During the process, he worked very hard to prove that he liked making movies and praised Wong Man Yik's performance. At the end of the year, Edison will make another film while running his business at the same time. However he stated that he would not invest in his own films because he was unable to direct and act. He said, "I feel I am too great, I have to have another group of people to control me."

Speaking of his love life, Edison appeared to be somewhat frustrated. He said, "It's fine! (Very exciting?) Not necessarily." He also talked about his breakup with his girlfriend and said that they had too many differences in life. She was in Taiwan and he did not want to commute for work. She also had to learn and he has already tried to give her time. However in the end they were not able to get along. Edison said that they were still friends, but he felt that earlier he has invested too much time on love and did not do anything.

His girlfriend was rumored to have broken up with him because he cheated. Edison said, "You be your own judge, I don't care. This is my personal life. Every relationship would have its difficulties. You write from your angle, which in my world doesn't exist." However he did not whether they would get back together. She said that too many impossible things have happened to him. As for his supposed new flame, Edison clarified that she was just a good friend's girlfriend. They often went out and had dinner. After the rumors he would not be embarrassed either.

Wong Man Yik said that she was very nervous about working with Chen Koon Hei. Was she able to work on this film due to her connection to Chi Wai? She said that she did not, the director was the one who asked her. Wong Man Yik did not resist when reporters called Chi Wai her "father in law". She said that at work she would call Chi Wai Producer. As for when she would truly called him "Father in Law" and will she and Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung wed soon? She sweetly smiled and said that privately she would only call him uncle.

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