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Lam Po Chuen is accompanied by Ding Dong in his photo
Lam Po Chuen's widow, daughter and son in law take part in the ceremony
Over 1,000 Ding Dong fans pay their respect
Sammo Hung bids farewell to his old friend
Tam Bing Man
Ting Yu traverses between the floral arrangements and remembers his disciple
Hins Cheung sends a floral arrangement in the shape of Ding Dong's bell
Ting Yu
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The Hong Kong voice of Ding Dong (Doraemon) for over 30 years, TVB veteran voice actor Lam Po Chuen's wake was held at the Universal Funeral Parlor. Over 100 people lined up to pay their final respect to Uncle Po Chuen. Uncle Po Chuen's widow and daughter Chi Kwan were on hand and appeared quiet. Chi Kwan said that her father has brought the public a lifetime of joy, so she hoped that no one would tearfully bid him farewell.

TVB veteran voice actor Lam Po Chuen passed away on the 2nd. His family held a Buddhist ceremony for him at the Universal Funeral Parlor. The hall was decorated with white and yellow flowers, and a photo of him smile with Ding Dong. The hall had six television screens with highlight of his life and around 300 seats for the public. Uncle Po Chuen's widow, daughter Lam Chi Kwan, son in law Gary, Mrs. Lam's brother Mak Siu Kei and sister in law Ma Suk Hing were on hand in a somber mood.

The public viewing began at 5PM. Film star Sammo Hung Kam Bo, TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling, voice team colleagues Tam Bing Man, To Yin Gor and others appeared. Over 1,000 people lined up earlier outside to pay their final respect and receive the memorial program. Lok Yi Ling and the artist department, voice department, Sammy, Kitty Yuen (Siu Yi) and the program NEIGHBORHOOD TREASURES all sent floral arrangements. Hins Cheung King Hin even sent a special order giant Ding Dong bell shaped floral arrangement, and voice team colleague Tsang Hin Yuk sent a giant Ding Dong floral arrangement. Currently in France, Hin Jai said, "Always bringing happiness, joy and hope to everyone, his voice is the most memorable one for people of our generation. I sent the floral arrangement myself, custom made for Uncle Po Chuen."

Chi Kwan was very pleased that her father received the send off from so many voice fans. "I am happy that so many voice fans have come, Daddy would have been very happy to see them. The memorial program has our family's message, it is very valuable! (How does Mommy feel?) She has been OK all along. I hope everyone would not be too sad the next few days, don't bid farewell in tears. Daddy was a happy person, for over 30 years he has given joy to everyone. (How are you feeling?) I am OK, thank you everyone for taking care of me!" Chi Kwan in the program remembered her father's attentive care of the family. His widow wrote, "Some friends asked since your husband didn't talk much, how did you communicate? We only had to give each other a glance and we knew what the other was thinking already......we only saw love in our eyes......the love that you have given me was enough for me to live the rest of my life without regard."

Uncle Po Cheun in the 80s was Hung Kam Bo's official voice actor in film. Hung Kam Bo returned from Wuxi just to pay his respect. He sorrowfully said, "We used to see each other all the time, from before I knew anything to being the lead actor, he has been with me. He was gentle and we were old friends." To Yin Gor praised Uncle Po Cheun, "He didn't to fight with other people. He was worth learning from, he interpreted his personality with his voice." Tam Bing Man revealed that the night before Uncle Po Cheun passed away they were still at work. "The next day at work the supervisor told me that Po Chuen passed away and I shuttered, why would he pass away out of the blue!"

Lam Po Chuen's mentor, the 80 year old veteran voice actor Ting Yu yesterday appeared at the service. Just completing his wife's funeral early, he sadly said, "I never imagine that my wife's just finished next door on the 25th, today would be my disciple's." After that Ting Yu broke down.

Ting Yu said in tears, "Many people told me not to come, it would be a jinx and my health has been great. Yet Po Chuen is my disciple, Chi Kwan my god daughter, I don't care! No taboo for me! Thanks to Po Chuen for working with me back then without any fear of hardship. One day we worked for 22 days, no one would believe me when I told them. At the time I told him, 'Don't work so hard!' Po Chuen told me, 'Sifu it's hard on you too, how can I not tough it out?' I would remember every bit of Po Chuen in my heart! Po Chuen was a role model for voice actors. He was after perfection at work. I am known as the Gate of Ghosts, you have to get past me to be OK! Po Chuen once already did a very perfect take but still insisted on another take and another recording, and he really improved it. I loved how serious he was about work!"

5,000 limited edition memorial program, Forever Remember Po Chuen's Voice, was given away at the service. Attached was a sound file CD of Lam Po Chuen's representative work. In the program were eulogies from Lam Po Chuen's wife, daughter, son in law, mentor Ting Yu, and voice team colleagues, several dozen photos from Lam Po Chuen's life and work, taking his child Lam Chi Kwan on a bike ride, photo from his Osaka visit. Chi Kwan even described her father as "You are the Doraemon that has truly existed in my life!"

Ms. Chan who was in the florist business custom made for Lam Po Chuen, Ding Dong, Nobita, Ding Ling shaped floral arrangements. She said, "Each one took about ten days, HK$ 7,000 to 8,000 each. The blue and flesh colored flowers took two days to dye. Uncle Po Chuen's voice would live in the hearts of Hong Kong people forever."

Reportedly to accommodated the master of ceremony, the coffin closing ceremony was moved up to last night. This morning the pallbearers will include Uncle Po Chuen's mentor Ting Yu, TVB representative Tsang Sing Ming and Tam Bing Man.

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