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Michelle Yeoh, Li Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi, Carina Lau, Wendi Deng
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Michelle Yeoh, Li Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi, Carina Lau
Carina Lau talks fashion with Anna Wintour
Li Bingbing, Wendi Deng, Anna Wintour, Silas Chou, Michelle Yeoh, Carina Lau
Carina Lau, Wendi Deng, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Michelle Yeoh at Silas Chou's event
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday held a press conference at the National Palace Museum to announce the 2015 fashion art department spring exhibit that will take place in the Met in New York. This exhibit's subject will be "China: Through the Looking Glass, explaining the artistic creations and imagination that the mysterious Eastern cultures and films have given birth to in the past several centuries. The Met chief, CEO Thomas P.Campbell, the National Palace Museum chief Shan JiXiang, the Met costume institute curator Andrew Bolton, the Met Curator of Asian Art Maxwell K. Hearn, Conde Nast publishing group art director, Vogue U.S chief editor Anna Wintour and famous director and this exhibit's art director Wong Kar Wai attended the press conference.

Wong Kar Wai and all the gusts examined the important purpose that film served in connecting this exhibit, and at the press conference through a montage he displayed the entire exhibit's film footage to perfectly interpret the film art's creative influence on Western fashion. This exhibit will display over 130 high end fashion and designs, as well as traditional Chinese artwork like jade, lacquer, cloisonne and porcelain. Wong Kar Wai is this exhibit's art director, and top Hong Kong art director William Chang Suk Ping will be the costume director. Wong Kar Wai said, "Chang Suk Ping and I are very honored to work with the Metropolitan Museum and plan this cross cultural exhibit. Beautiful and interesting cultural commentary is not rare in history. As Chinese filmmakers, we hope to create a meaningful 'symbol kingdom' for the East and the West to explore and discover."

To celebrate the official opening of the exhibit in 2015, the Met will hold a charity ball on May 4 2015, Silas Chou Kei Fong will be the honorary chair; Jennifer Lawrence, Gong Li, Marissa Mayer, Wendi Deng and Anna Wintour will be vice chairs. All the proceeds will provide the primary source of funding for the Costume Art department's exhibits, publications, collections and business expansion.

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