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Chow Yun Fat once worked with Cheung Kwok Chung and Ho Ka Kui on a North American concert
Charlie Cho will meet his Ho Ka Kui's sister to discuss the funeral
Cheung Kwok Chung remembers his days of his friend and thanks him for helping him out
Stephen Shiu Jr. offers his assistance
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Having brought life to countless "villain" characters, veteran artist William Ho Ka Kui earlier passed away in Hong Kong at the age of 66. His long time friend Charlie Cho Cha Lei is handling his affairs. Because Cho Cha Lei was not a blood relative of Ho Ka Kui, he ran into a lot of inconveniences while taking care of business for his late friend. Cho Cha Lei once heard Ho Ka Kui mentioned that Ka Kui and his sister had some unpleasantness over their other's assets and had little contact in recent years. Yet Cho Cha Lei still hoped to be able to contact her for help. Yesterday Ho Ka Kui's sister finally contacted Cho Cha Lei and will meet with him to discuss Ho Ka Kui's final arrangements. Cho Cha Lei said, "His sister has contacted me. Because I am not in Hong Kong right now, when I get back I will meet with her to discuss how to handle Ho Ka Kui's affairs."

When Cho Cha Lei was packing up Ho Ka Kui's Dongguan home, he discovered that Ho Ka Kui only had a little over 100 yuan in his saving account passbook. The matter has caught the attention of many in the industry. The investor of Ho Ka Kui's final film IMPRISONED: SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR RICH AND PRODIGAL (YUT YUK YUT SAI GAI) Stephen Shiu Jr. and Ho Ka Kui's friend and veteran filmmaker Cheung Kwok Chung yesterday both said that they will contact Cho Cha Lei and try to help as much as possible if needed. Cho Cha Lei also admitted that after Ho Ka Kui's passing, Ho Ka Kui's Mainland friends said that they wanted to send him some money for Ho Ka Kui's funeral. Cho Cha Lei for now have turned down all of them. He said, "If they send me the money it's a lot of responsibility, I want to meet with Ho Ka Kui's sister first before deciding on what to do with the funeral."

Cheung Kwok Chung yesterday expressed pain and sorrow over the passing of his friend. He recalled the days when he, Ho Ka Kui and Chow Yun Fat labored together, which added to his lament.

Cheung Kwok Chung said, "Back then our company took a North American concert, we didn't have anything as convenient as a mobile phone. The three of us brought clothing and underwear to camp out at the company. Early in the morning we contacted the North American colleague. We spent three or four days a week at the company. When I was a film producer, Si Hing (Ho Ka Kui) taught me a lot. I remember when I produced the film COPS AND ROBBERS (DIM JI BING BING), I was getting chew out. As soon as Si Hing got there, he took care of everything in 15 minutes. He really was sharp."

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