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Becoming a Christian in 2007, Steven Ma Chun Wai two nights ago attended the gospel film NEXT STATION IS LOVE (HA YUT JAM JOI OI NEI)'s charity premiere in Kowloon Bay. Other guests included the film theme song performer Yu Chiu Chung Yu and Pinky Cheung Man Chi, Angela Pang Ka Lai and Anthony Chan Yau. In the film, Ma Jai and the Mainland artist Ophelia Yang Fang-Han (Yeung Chi Ngan) had many life and death crying scenes. Ma Jai admitted that during the shoot he recalled when his mother was ill. The scene in which he went from the room to the hallway to cry was something that he personally experienced. He even could not stop crying, which scared Yeung Chi Ngan.

Although the production brought back unpleasant memories for Ma Jai, it also brought him out of years of self blame. He said, "At the time Mommy was unwilling to have the surgery, I convinced her to. Yet the next day she passed away. Because before the surgery she said that I was pushing her toward death, I have always felt very guilty. I would never talk about that before, but now I can." He also said that now aside from on screen and stage performance, he also hoped to take some time to spread the gospel. He has already confirmed to attend an event in Australia in April. Will he return to TVB for a series? He said that TVB executive Tsang Lai Chun has approached him, but in the first half of the year he took a Beijing film and had to plan for his record release. If he had a suitable script in the second half of the year he will make it.

After ten years away from the recording studio, Ah Yu admitted that she had no pressure this time. She only needed four hours to finish the recording, which was much faster than before. "After these ten years I have already grown up. This time I have another chance to sing, I would cherish it. I wanted to do well so much that I even forgot to drink water. (Will you release another record?) That would be good, I would finish what I didn't do my best in before."

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