Thursday, January 22, 2015


Wesley Wong says his parents decline to pose for pictures with him because they want him to be independent
Angie Chiu shows support for her husband Melvin Wong and son Wesley Wong
The company hopes to land Deng Chao, Gao Yuanyuan and Mini Yang for Michael Hui's new film
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Angie Chiu will ask Chow Yun Fat for help with her son if the need arises
Wesley Wong has star potential
shareholders Yu Yang, Wang Peng, Wu Wenhou, Philip Chan and Melvin Wong
Melvin Wong declines to pose for photos with his son Wesley, leaving him with Elaine Lok and his mother Angie Chiu
Albert Yeung (center) attends to support Grand Olympus Films
Rose Chan, Checkley Sin, Kitson Leung
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Grand Olympus film company announced its 2015-2015 new film projects, including the comedy star Michael Hui Koon Man written, directed and starred comedy DA FU (HUNTING TIGER), as well as famous Singapore director Jack Neo (Leung Chi Keung)'s AH BOY TO MEN 3, and a new Mainland director Wang Hui directed, Alex Law Kai Yui produced romance. The company also introduced its artist Wesley Wong Hoi Kit, who will star in two of its four films.

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