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Candy Yuen braves the cold to promote
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Candy Yuen Ka Man's new film THE GIGOLO (NGAP WONG) had many passionate scenes to show off her figure. Early morning yesterday videos and photos of her love scenes with co-star Dominic Ho Ho Man were found online, with the subject "Yuen Ka Man topless without any block" like an adult video slogan. Many online after put the videos on "infinite loop" even posted comments about her.

The film company and the director Au Cheuk Man very quickly heard about the matter and immediately took action the next day, as they demanded the site to remove the items in question. Director Au helplessly said, "Luckily we still have several scenes that haven't been exposed yet, we can count ourselves as lucky! Now we are actively looking for the culprit and the mastermind behind the scene, because we don't know what else is in their hands. If they expose everything then it really would be a big deal. Would the film even have to be released then? However so far we still don't have any idea."

Yuen Ka Man last night promoted with co-stars Ho Ho Man and Jeana Ho Pui Yu. With her sexy appearance and all the troubles she was in, she immediately became the center of attention. Speaking of her topless scene being leaded, she did not seem to be affected. "We have six all nude scenes, the ones that were leaked were the lighter ones. I would give myself 3 out of 10 points. If everyone go to the movies they will be more hi-def, I believe they will be even more attractive. I haven't paid attention to the comments online." As for her dispute with Jeana, Yuen Ka Man insisted that they were not friends. "A film production is not for you to do personal stuff. I isolated myself. She and I only shared the screen for 3 minutes. I too worried that if I greet her, she would tell reporters that I disturbed her. (Are you calling Jeana two faced?) I don't know her and she is already saying that, it's very hard to develop a relationship that way. Whether we are friends or not I would let it happen naturally." Dominic supported Jeana and said that Yuen Ka Man constantly "hid" during the shoot. He even joked that "she was invisible" to him.

Rumored to be at odds, Yuen Ka Man and Ho Pui Yu had zero exchange and communication last night. They stayed away from each other during the group photo. When reporters asked them to pose together, at first they pretended not to hear. In the end they forced one together. Jeana said, "The old me would say I wouldn't know her from Mickey Mouse, but after the shoot, I hope everyone would like her. She did very well, and her figure is very well kept. (You can't be friends?) I have a lot of friends, but having another enemy is better than another friend. (Did you just mess up?) Right! Having another friend is better than another enemy." As for Candy's topless video leak, Jeana felt bad for her. As for how she would comfort her, she joked, "I will buy her a Mickey Mouse!" Another co-star Hazel Tong Chi Yui stated that she and Candy did not talk much. "I try to get her to talk, the feeling wasn't too great. Maybe she wasn't in a good mood. She seems to be angry all the way. (Can you be friends?) A film production is for work, not for making friends."

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