Sunday, January 18, 2015


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Working on the film MYSTERIOUS FAMILY in Taitung, Wai Ying Hung yesterday afternoon injured her face on a metal can during a dramatic scene and had an inch long wound that was rather deep and bled a lot. The team rushed her to the hospital, but due to the holiday few doctors were there. She was then sent to Taipei hospital for treatment.

Reporter Sister Siu Hung after the injury contacted her manager and told her that around 4 or 4PM she was "busted open" during a shoot. her face had an inch long wound on the left side. Because she was working on a dramatic scene, her management company was trying to find out whether it was a mistake or an accident and sent someone to Taiwan to assist Sister Siu Hung with the matter after the injury. Later Sister Siu Hung responded on WhatsApp, "I am fine, had a few stitches. Now it's swollen and bruised, I will rest for a few days."

Another account claimed that a strong gust of wind swept up a plastic bucket and hit Sister Siu Hung's left cheek. She said, "Luckily it didn't hit my eyes, otherwise it would have been even more troublesome. Now I just treat it like an extra wrinkle. Thank you everyone for your concern." She also posted on Weibo, "I am fine, just stitches. I am still a beauty......I really don't know what else I can do when I am injured even from a dramatic scene."

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